Development and Finance from issue 2007/2

Erzsébet Viszt

Review of GKI’s Competitiveness Yearbook 2006

- Abstract -

The Competitiveness Yearbook 2006 also confirms that Hungary is a competitive economy on an international scale, but spends too little on R&D and innovation, and lags behind its competitors especially in the area of corporate R&D. The industrial, financial and commercial sectors determined by foreign capital are efficient and they adapt to global market constraints fairly well, however, they do not yet rely on domestic knowledge enough (Hungarian clusters are underdeveloped, cooperation between enterprises and research centres is rare). The business environment is not innovation-friendly. All in all, it is not surprising that the use of knowledge in practice (the ratio of new products, the number of patents) is far behind the international average. This sheds light upon the problem that insufficient emphasis is placed on developing and using human capital. Public services are not competitive, while the majority of micro- and small enterprises cannot survive on the market.

Competitiveness Yearbook 2006 was compiled and published by GKI Gazdaságkutató Zrt. in the autumn of 2006.

Erzsébet Viszt

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