Development and Finance from issue 2008/4

András Tétényi

On Mihály Simai’s book entitled ‘The World Economy in the Turbulent 21st Century’

- Abstract -

The professional career of Mihály Simai has gone hand-in-hand with analyses of the global economy and its constituents, during which he has viewed the world economy as a complex unit and has not stuck to characterising individual components. This same holistic approach is adopted in his latest book which is primarily a text book. Nonetheless, ‘the aim is not to present a review of international professional literature and related criticism published in this decade, but instead to synthesise the major characteristics, consequences and results of the globalisation process in recent years,' (p. 54) which few have attempted so far. We can say that Mihály Simai has written another book which besides highlighting current trends and events in the world economy is also an enjoyable piece of reading, thanks to its holistic approach, and not only for professionally qualified economists but also to the wider public. His latest book discusses the new world economic, political and social trends shaped by the first decade of the 21st century whose effects are not only evident in international relations between countries but also in the interactions of our everyday lives.

The World Economy in the Turbulent 21st Century. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 2007

András Tétényi

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