Development and Finance from issue 2008/4

Pál Belyó - István Molnár

Outlook on the Hidden Economy

- Abstract -

JEL E-26

Important features common to hidden economic activities are cash payments and tax evasion, aimed at making the given business activities difficult or impossible to track down. Globalisation trends are well in evidence in the shadow economy too. Not only multinational companies but individual countries or groups of countries can become players of the international hidden economy. Due to globalisation, non-cooperation in data collection can also lead to difficulties: international comparisons, national finance, international organisations, national monetary and tax policy and the competitiveness of individual countries may depend on the size of the hidden economy.

Pál Belyó, PhD, college lecturer (ÁVF), director (Ecostat)
István Molnár, PhD (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer and Information Systems)

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