Development and Finance from issue 2008/4

János Papp

Regional Characteristics Of Industrial Parks

- Abstract -

JEL O-25

Winning the title of an industrial park does not constitute direct financial assistance, but it is a prerequisite to winning funding and preferences in other tender systems. Business organisations with legal personality, public interest companies, micro-region associations as well as municipalities intending to realise, develop and operate such parks can apply for the title. An industrial park, as a factor stimulating the economy, is important from a regional and local perspective too. The prosperousness of a town, i.e. the success of the town, is essentially interpreted as economic success. So this is a topical issue; it is worthwhile looking into what an industrial park means from the perspective of competitiveness, attracting capital and creating jobs. There are a lot of stable industrial parks in operation in Hungary compared to the regional average which are now facing a quality challenge, because in the coming years Hungarian industrial parks will be able to apply for European Union resources amounting to 25-times the funding they have received to date; it is also worthwhile for smaller companies to move into industrial parks because in this way they can benefit from state aid that is otherwise banned throughout the European Union.

János Papp, PhD student (Pécs University of Sciences, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences)

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