Development and Finance from issue 2008/4

Zsuzsa Ludvig

Russia and China: Boundaries of Partnership

- Abstract -


The development of relations with China is probably one of the main successes of Russian foreign policy in the post-Soviet era, but at the same time the ever-strengthening ‘strategic partnership' is burdened with many question marks, old and new tensions and rivalries. Emotional tensions encumbering relations are still high, with negative attitudes to China adopted primarily within the Russian elite but even more so among Russian residents at the borders. These tensions, though evidently waning, are still considerable as regards certain problem issues. During certain periods of the relationship, while the fact that ‘historical fears and political-civilisation stereotypes in both countries lead to Western orientation, which also emerges in the competition for the affinity of the West' could be a dominant issue, this phenomenon can be regarded as negligible in periods of decline, either in relations between the West and Russia or between China and the West, such as just now for Russia.

Zsuzsa Ludvig, PhD, senior research fellow (Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

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