Development and Finance from issue 2009/2

Gábor Werner

SPA Developments in Hungary

- Abstract -

The supply of domestic baths has grown significantly in the past few years. Government grants have and still support bath developments. (Formerly, spas could apply for development funds within the Széchenyi programme.) Currently, the relevant programme of the National Development Plan provides possibilities for further developments. Across the country, baths with histories stretching back several decades are being renovated and new complexes built in order to meet present demand. No such data is currently collected in Hungary which might have facilitated the work. Thus our approach was to collect various data about domestic spas, partly from the internet and partly by means of direct visits. Several health resorts were involved in the study. Besides the baths of national importance, another criterion for selection was the availability of a balance sheet of the company operating the bath.

Gábor Werner, economist, head of department (MFB Zrt.)

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