Development and Finance from issue 2009/2

Ferenc Dénes

The Funding of 'Competitive Sport' in the Sport Budget for 2009. The Year of the Ox

- Abstract -

The severe system defect of competitive sports is inherited, with minor changes, from the functional mechanisms of past decades. As we pointed out, the cash-flow deficit partially results from the scarce business revenues in competitive sports. Sales to sportsmen and women are missing big time, for example, real price membership fees for real services; funding from the media has almost completely dried up, except for football and handball, and although accounts record significant revenues from advertising and sponsors, a considerable part thereof is in the form of patronage and funding from friends. And these are the very expenses that companies in a recession cut back first. Thus there is no background and there are no reserves in the current crisis period. We face the serious threat that Hungarian sport will completely lose its market relations and real function by continuing to operate based on "government orders" in an unchanged structure.

Ferenc Dénes, economist

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