Development and Finance from issue 2009/3

Andrea Szalavetz

Digital Governance and Government Efficiency – Portuguese Experiences

- Abstract -

By applying information technology governments improve the efficiency of public services, and as a side-effect, the labour force demand on services provided by the government and the costs of governance are decreasing. The quality of government services is improving; speed and efficiency in the provision of services are increasing and the processes of public administration are becoming more transparent. The flow of information between the various government institutions is beginning – or getting- faster depending the on development level; the operational efficiency of the business sector is increasing. The euphoria following technological breakthroughs is always followed by scepticism. Along with success stories, case studies can easily be collected on the millions of dollars/euros wasted on eGov, on the indifference of society, on the parallelisms preserved or strengthened, the cancellation of the moderation of bureaucracy and of the acceleration of information sharing among government institutes.

Andrea Szalavetz, PhD, senior research fellow (Institute for World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

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