Development and Finance from issue 2009/3

László Csák

Territorial Aspects in Romanian Development Policy

- Abstract -

JEL P-25

The purpose of utilising European funds is not merely to absorb them but to reach specific policy targets by handling them efficiently. At the same time, a critical approach is also required in the case of EU funds and the systems regulating and implementing them. However, in an environment where each specialised policy is also a regulatory concept, it might seem heretical to adopt a critical point of view. As regional policy in the 2007-2013 programming period is integrated into the cohesion policy of the Communities, and as cohesion policy is considered a specialised policy, its hierarchic and direct effect dominated. As long as a Member State nurtures its own regional concept, such shall be coordinated with the community-level framework. In the absence thereof, the copycat adoption of the community level seems to be a simple solution. An example illustrating the former could be Poland, where besides the regional operational programmes and taking local aspects into account there is a special operational programme for eastern regions which follows catch-up objectives. An example of the latter would be Romania, where the eight regions can access European Regional Development Fund resources through a single operational programme, without considering any specific aspects.

László Csák, PhD student (Pécs University of Sciences, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences)

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