Development and Finance from issue 2010/2

Sándor Magda - Róbert Magda

Opportunities and Needs in the Agricultural Sector, Rural Development and Producer Integration

- Abstract -

JEL Q-13

For 2010 and the coming years, our most important task is to define new economic ‘breakthrough’ points based on the characteristics of the country. We attribute particular importance to the agricultural sector, rural development and the creation of globally competitive jobs by using the domestic resources available and EU development funds. As a result, Hungary should return to a path of sustainable development within a short period of time. Domestic cultivated land, which is decreasing at an alarming rate, is playing a key role in adapting to and recovering from the crisis. In the meantime, the number of employees has fallen both in the national economy and in sectors of agriculture, the latter on a gradual basis, and this has been causing uncomfortable tensions for years now, especially in rural regions. In order to mitigate the employment problems of the economy and rural regions, support should be given to any solution that is able to reduce basic tensions. Maintaining the level of animal farming also promises to be a big task with inevitable implementation challenges. Thus the as yet unresolved modern utilisation of superfluous areas in fodder production, and the sale of products and produce from these areas are new tasks.

Sándor Magda, DSc, professor of agriculture, rector (Károly Róbert College)
Róbert Magda, associate professor, head of department (Károly Róbert College)

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