Development and Finance from issue 2010/2

Miklós Losoncz

Thoughts on the Europe 2020 Strategy and its Funding

- Abstract -


Launched in 2000, the EU’s Lisbon Strategy expires at the end of 2010. Although its objectives, instruments and institutions have constantly been adjusted to changing economic conditions in the world and within the EU, its expiry is an opportunity to evaluate the Lisbon Strategy and its profound reform. The European Commission published its consultation paper on the future ‘EU 2020’ strategy in November 2009 which can be regarded as an extension of the Lisbon strategy but goes further in many respects. Having gone through the responses, the Commission’s working document assessing the Lisbon Strategy was published in early February. The revised version of the EU 2020 Strategy came out in early March entitled ‘Europe 2020’. This strategy outlining the long-term development directions of the European integration will greatly determine both the size and the structure of the EU’s budget that will start in 2014.

Miklós Losoncz, DSc, professor of economics (Széchenyi István University)

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