Development and Finance from issue 2010/3

Gábor Túry

Current Trends in the Automotive Industry in Central European Countries

- Abstract -

JEL L-62


The outlooks of the automotive industry in the CE region depend on the performance of the export markets. Future trends are determined by the acquisitions, fusions, sales and collaborations in the industry, which have benefited the region already in the form of several joint developments. The crisis management programmes of the EU Member States (the so-called scrappage schemes) could lend fresh impetus to the European automotive industry in the short run, but they are certainly not an alternative in the medium term. EU funds designed to promote community transport could help some sectors of the industry stay afloat.  The economic recovery of the CE countries and the prospects for the manufacturing of motor vehicles are determined by the quantitative and qualitative changes in the demand of its most important markets. The future, however, is also strongly influenced by the responses the industry gives to the challenges posed by the crisis. Due to the countless links the operation and the cooperation of certain players in the industry are just as crucial for the region as maintaining competitiveness, research and development, the introduction of new technologies and the geographical allocation of production, individually and collectively.

Gábor Túry, research fellow (Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

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