The philosophy of the review

The economic journal titled Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance was published first on 15 February 2003, and then on a quarterly basis both in Hungarian and English. Its aim is to integrate the features of the economic and the business review as well. Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance takes a neutral stance as regards the articles, its objective is to publish macro- and microeconomic analyses and studies of social sciences relevant from economic policy and business aspects.

Regarding studies and analyses published, Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance meets strict scientific criteria of editing, including for example double-blind refereeing process. The published studies fully reflect the opinions, evaluation of the authors, the editors of the periodical take no sides in any form. In spite of its short history the review has obtained a scientific respect and it is referred by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Economic Literature as well.

The editors intend to reach decision-makers in the areas of economic policy and business – and facilitate informed, well-founded decision-making with respect to financing and development in the first place –, researchers of economic and social processes, university students and all those who are interested in analytical, evaluative opinions in specific areas. In line with our objectives, we wish to provide a quasi scientific forum for supporting economic catching up of the Hungarian economy and economic decision making process.

There are some specific objectives of the editorial policy. First, Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance considers the publication of the research findings of young, promising researchers to be an important objective, providing publicity for them and their work. Thus, in each issue of the periodical we will publish at least one study written by a PhD student. Second, from time to time it seeks to present contentious articles and reviews, whose content and emphasis represent a significant departure from commonly accepted beliefs, insofar as professional quality merits their publication. We look forward to presenting clashing of opinions in these studies. And third, each edition of Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance contains an analysis, which deals with the development trends in the Central European and the Hungarian economy, all the related aspects, economic cycles and activities along with structural features and shed light on the background of economic policy decisions.

We hope the readers of Fejlesztés és Finanszírozás/Development and Finance in accordance with our original objectives find the periodical a useful and valuable publication that offers useful information and new thoughts to scientists, economic policy decision makers and students.

Prof. Péter GálFounder,
Chairman of the Editorial Board